Friday, November 4, 2016

Top 10 Hidden Tech Tips for iOS 10

I embrace Apple products and this newest iOS update (iOS 10) has some pretty awesome features.  Some hidden and hard to fine, many websites have complied their top New iOS 10 Tips and Tricks, below are my favorites in order of ease of use.  Some I shared even though I can't test because they look amazing.  Let me know your thoughts and please share other tips I haven't listed that you use often.  I look forward to learning what you use the most!

Camera App - open from the lock screen.  Swipe from right to left anywhere on the screen, it's just that simple!

Control Center - has 2 pages NOW! The first page displays the screen brightness slider, AirPlay, Airdrop, and shortcuts to apps like the Camera & Clock.  The second page, swipe from right to left, contains all of the music controls. 

Note: You can turn on Control Center on your lock screen via Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen.

iMessage App

We are a texting society, so it makes sense that there are so many additions to the iMessage App. 
Respond Quickly

  1. Effects/animate - after you’ve written a message simply tap & hold on the send icon, you’ll see options for Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible ink. These bubble effects can also work with images that you’re sending.

    Note: When you tap and hold to get the effects to come up, you can also switch from Bubble to Screen at the top and apply full-screen effects, complete with audio.
  2. Respond quickly - double tap on the message and you’ll see a small menu pop up above the message.  Send a quick thumbs up, a laugh, or something else, and it will appear on top of the message.
  3. Send photos - tap the camera icon, you can take a photo to add to your message, or add recent pictures from your gallery. Swipe left to right to access your camera or gallery app. If you tap on a photo in the composition field, you’ll also get the option to Markup. 
  4. Share YouTube videos & web links - paste a web link or YouTube link into an message, it will expand the link to show an image of the content.  The receiver can tap on it and read the article, or have the video play directly within the message.

5.  Digital Touch - within a message, tap the heart icon with the two fingers you can draw small animations in different colors. There are lots of gesture shortcuts, all of which are listed on the right-hand side.
  • Tap and hold with two fingers to send a heartbeat.
  • Tap and hold with two fingers, then drag down to send heartbreak.
  • Tap with two fingers to send a kiss.
  • Press with one finger to send a fireball

Safari Split View on iPad - view two safari windows side-by-side on the iPad. Each Safari window contains its own address bar, tab interface, share and bookmark buttons, etc… It is like have two monitors side by side, except it is one application and on the iPad.
  • Place iPad in landscape mode
  • Open Safari
  • Tap and hold on the tab button and select Open Split View
  • Drag a tab to the left or right side of the screen
  • Use the Command + N, keyboard shortcut
  • To merge all tabs – press and hold on tab button and tap Merge All Tabs. 

Note: If you press and hold the tab button from an iPhone, 3 choices are displayed New Tab, Close Tabs, and Cancel

What can Siri do? - Well just ask " What can you do? A list of apps will be displayed that Siri can control. 

Collaborate on Notes - new share icon in the top right. Tap on it, and choose to add people to this note. You can send links inviting people to join a note via email, Twitter, and a host of other services. This allows everyone to edit the note and see the changes in real time. 


3D Touch Capabilities - first your iPhone must have 3D touch capabilities!  
  • Change flashlight’s brightness - open the control panel, press and hold the flashlight icon to bring up Bright, Medium, and Low brightness settings.
  • Press down on the Settings app and to bring up options for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, and Battery. Tapping on any of the resulting options will bring you directly to their settings page.
Note: 3D touch for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus breakdown:

Remove Stock Apps - you can now remove some of the stock apps that come pre-installed on iOS devices.  Tap & hold on the app icon until it starts wiggling, tap the “X” in the top-left corner, and then tap Remove to uninstall.  

Note: This has never bothered me but if it does Apple has the breakdown for you here: