Thursday, May 17, 2012

Windows 7 tips

Tips for end users...

Aero Peek Your Desktop:

If you are like me you have a lot of windows open and it can take several clicks to see the desktop. Windows 7 introduced a tool that very few know about, "Aero Peek".  If you want to Aero Peek your desktop just click the rectangle in the lower right hand corner of the taskbar for quick access to your desktop.  How easy is that?
Keyboard shortcut Windows key + Space can accomplish the same function. 

Multi-Monitor Window Management:

Do you have multiple monitors? Move your new/active window between the two monitors with keyboard shortcuts.

Shuffle Through Program Windows:

Switch through window with ease- If you have multiple document files in MS Word.  Press & hold the CTRL key while clicking the icon from the taskbar.  The window will change to the next in the order that you opened them. 

Project Your Display Easily:

Plug in a projector or project your display using the Windows 7 drive utility, displayswitch.exe.  Press the Windows key + P to display the navigate pop-up window. Use the arrow keys to switch through multiple display settings. 



I am all about organization, a fast way to de-clutter in Windows 7 press Windows key + Home to minimize all inactive windows. To restore, press Windows + Home again. 

Windows + Up/Down:

Maximize or minimize an active window by pressing Windows + Up Arrow and Windows + Down Arrow

Magnifier:  My old eyes really appreciate this tip!

Press the Windows button and the plus or minus key to activate the magnifier letting you zoom in or out of the entire desktop.  
What is your favorite tip? Comments welcome-