Thursday, April 25, 2013

Amazing iPhone Tricks

iPhone Tips/Tricks you never knew about...

1.  If you can't answer an incoming call --reply to incoming calls with a text message.  You have to be running iOS 6.  Swipe Upward from the bottom of screen when it is ringing and select "Reply With Message".  You can customize automatic responses - "I'll call you later" or I"m on my way".

2.  Your phone is locked and you want to take a photo- no need to unlock phone, after pressing the home button on your iPhone, the camera icon is to the right of "slide to unlock".  Just swipe up and you are ready to take your photo without unlocking!  

3.  When reading websites, do you squint?  The Full screen mode is available with iOS6, Safari supplies a "Reader" button at the top right of the URL bar. Safari will detect a text-heavy page, it will reformat into a full-screen mode, making it much easier to read. 

Safari- Reader button
Website open with Reader

What tip or trick do you use on your iPhone?  Share so we can learn from each other. 


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